2910 Rowena Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90039


Welcome to Yoga at the Raven,  a yoga studio in Silver Lake where we seek to create a beautiful, fun and safe place to nurture and expand the heart through the practice of Yoga. We welcome all students and offer a variety of classes to support, deepen and meet your practice wherever you are at.

Events - Yoga at the Raven

Live music, yoga intensives, guest teachers, and special events including anatomy, philosophy, movement, inversions, handstands, backbends.

Ultimate Therapeutic Sound Journey

  • Yoga at the Raven 2910 Rowena Avenue Los Angeles, CA, 90039 United States

Sound and music bypass the brain and go directly to our spirit and soul, which helps generate a constructive frequency shift. Irwin will tune
frequencies specifically to our studio space and generate a live sound experience which will take you on an inspiring and conscious raising t r i p !

Expect beautiful sounds you've never heard before. The deeply meditative sounds are created live. All you've got to do is sit, stand or lay, passively receive, and tune-in.

$15 advanced sign up, $20 day of