2910 Rowena Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90039


Welcome to Yoga at the Raven,  a yoga studio in Silver Lake where we seek to create a beautiful, fun and safe place to nurture and expand the heart through the practice of Yoga. We welcome all students and offer a variety of classes to support, deepen and meet your practice wherever you are at.

Events - Yoga at the Raven

Live music, yoga intensives, guest teachers, and special events including anatomy, philosophy, movement, inversions, handstands, backbends.

15 Hour Yoga Elementals Intensive with Tony G

Yoga and Meditation have an incredible power to empower and transform us on this journey of life. This Intensive is for teachers and intermediate/advanced students who wish to deepen their practices and knowledge of Yoga. We will focus on asana, sequencing, hands on adjustments, meditation, pranayama and journaling. 

Friday- Earth and Water

Standing poses and hip openers (leg and hip alignment)

Saturday- Fire

Arm balances and handstands (shoulder alignment)

Sunday- Air

Backbends and twists (spine alignment)

Cost: $225, MSP™ TT Graduates: $200

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